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One cabinet, three options

A Trane Perfect FitTM filter is an integral part of a Trane home comfort system. If you start out with a pleated or media filter, you always have the option to add the Trane CleanEffectsTM air filtration system. And, regardless of the filter you choose, all of the filters are easy to access and maintain.

The right choice

When considering which filter is appropriate for your home, consider your lifestyle. How much time and money are you willing to spend on replacing filters? Would you prefer to have a filter you can clean yourself? And, what kind of effectiveness are you looking for? For help with these and other questions, use the product comparison feature or find a dealer near you.

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Trane CleanEffectsTM Trane FreshEffectsTM Trane Perfect FitTM 5" Media Filter
Trane Perfect FitTM 1" Pleated Filter