Air Handler Services in Erlanger and Northern Kentucky

Comprehensive Erlanger and Northern Kentucky air handler services.

Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted air handler professional in Erlanger and Northern Kentucky, KY. With years of experience and some of the best HVAC professionals on our team, we offer exceptional service that is efficient, reliable, and affordable.

Whatever the problem at hand, we will carefully inspect your air handler and produce a solution carefully chosen to suit your unique residential needs. Since the air handler is home to your most important AC components, it’s important to work with an air handler expert you can trust.

air handler services

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Common Air Handler Repair Services

The air handler is home to all the important cooling components and mechanical parts of your air conditioner. If something in the air handler fails, you could have a serious cooling problem on your hands. Some of the most common air handler repairs include:

  • Contamination: The air handler is, essentially, a metal case that houses all the important parts. These parts require a perfectly clean environment to operate properly. If the air handler becomes contaminated, it could lead to airflow issues causing breakdowns.
  • Mechanical Issues: With all the important mechanical components, electrical or mechanical failure is common in an air handler. Worn-out belts, faulty wiring, or broken fans are common.
  • Evaporator Coil: The coil is charged with cooling and condensing the returning air from the system. This is a vital component and if it fails it will cause a snowball effect of malfunctions throughout the system.
  • Air Filters: The air handler is also home to the air filter. Making sure the filter is always clean will improve your indoor air quality and keep the air handler working efficiently.

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Benefits of Professional Air Handler Services

As with any AC services, the air handler requires professional attention to ensure it is working safely and reliably. DIY enthusiasts who are not well-versed in the inner workings of the air handler will not know the unique demands of the system, which could lead to fatal mistakes.

A professionally trained cooling specialist will know the signs and symptoms of air handler problems, ensuring that all air handler services are carried out efficiently and effectively. From emergency air handler repair to a new air handler installation service, hiring a professional makes all the difference.

Call us today at (859) 429-9169 to find out how our professional AC experts can help with all your air handler repair and installation services. Our Erlanger and Northern Kentucky, KY technicians have all your air handler needs under control.