Geothermal - T1GW


Offers the efficiency of up to 17.50 EER and single-stage heating and cooling. Maintains comfortable temperatures through radiant heating and cooling, while providing hot or cold water for daily use.

Energy Savings

Trane EarthWiseTM Geothermal Systems can return up to four dollars of heat for every one dollar of electricity used, in part because they use renewable heat from deep inside the earth, a virtually limitless supply of energy.

Reliable Comfort

Trane EarthWiseTM Geothermal Systems provide consistent, even temperatures every day of the year, and all are built with quality materials and true craftsmanship, and backed with robust warranties.

Personalized for Your Home

Three different configurations allow Trane EarthWiseTM Geothermal Systems to adapt to any region, in any home.

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Packaged Systems

Water to Water SystemsSplit Systems
Earth-Powered ComfortEarth-Powered ComfortHarness the power of the earth in your home.
T2GX / T1GXT2GWT2GN Indoor
T2GY-Hyperiontm TAMG  Air Handler