Geothermal Heating Services in Erlanger & Northern Kentucky

Eco-friendly geothermal heating services for Erlanger and Northern Kentucky homeowners.

Maintaining comfort in your Erlanger home takes some serious heating and cooling power. And while standard HVAC can handle the task well enough, many of us are now looking for a system that offers all of the heating and cooling we need, while also offering additional benefits like higher efficiency ratings and more eco-friendly systems. That’s why Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer a complete range of geothermal heat pump services!

Our local HVAC contractors in Kentucky have been serving homeowners for decades by offering top class products and services, and by always keeping a firm focus on what works best for you and your needs. Whether you’re in need of dependable and cost-efficient repair, or a contractor that can perform a full design and install for your new geothermal heat pump, you’ll find the pros at Arlinghaus are well-equipped to provide.

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What Is a Geothermal Heat Pump?

Geothermal units, or “GHPs,” take advantage of the constant temperature that can be found deep underground. Unlike an air source heat pump, which can struggle at lower temperatures, the geothermal unit is drawing from a medium that is always maintained at the same range, giving it the ability to perform both heating and cooling functions all year long with no trouble.

Through the stability of the system and its methods, you gain an HVAC system that is supremely efficient (many times more so than comparable forced-air systems!), highly effective at both warming and cooling according to your needs, and a system that is great for reducing your carbon footprint.

Geothermal Heat Pump Installers in Cincinnati, OH

A new, modern GHP can offer homeowners in the Erlanger area a whole lot of comfort and quality. However, it takes a great deal of skill, training, and experience in order to perform a correct and accurate installation. Arlinghaus has you covered! Our technicians are factory-trained and highly adept at sizing and installing geothermal heat pumps.

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Benefits of a Geothermal Heating System

If you are currently on the fence about installing a new geothermal heating system in your home, consider the following benefits:

  • Geothermal systems are 50 percent more efficient than traditional heating systems.
  • Alternative energy sources such as solar power can be used to operate these units since they do not actually heat air, they only use energy to transfer heat.
  • Geothermal heating systems are also significantly quieter than traditional systems. Make homeowners compare the sound of one to that of the gentle hum of a refrigerator.

One consideration to make before opting for a new geothermal installation is the fact that installing these units is a major construction project. In most cases, geothermal heating contractors will lay over 1,800 feet of pipe to capture the heat underground. To find out if your property is a good candidate for geothermal heating, call Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today.

Geothermal Heat Pump Repair in Erlanger & Cincinnati

Is your geothermal unit failing to heat or cool your home effectively? A properly functioning system should have absolutely no trouble keeping up! If your system is making strange noises, failing to meet your needs, or just failing completely, trust our skilled geothermal heat pump repair technicians to offer fast, affordable, and precise repairs.

KY & OH Geothermal Heat Pump Maintenance

Even the most efficient units in the world are still machines, and machines need to be cleaned, inspected, and optimized routinely in order to operate at their best. Let our geothermal heat pump maintenance crew take care of your system and you’ll notice more comfort, less cost, and a system that rarely needs repairs.

Remember that geothermal heat pumps need routine maintenance twice a year—once for heating, and once for cooling!

Geothermal Heat Pump Contractors in Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana

You can trust our technicians and local HVAC contractors in Erlanger for all of your heat pump and geothermal unit needs. Connect with us online today to schedule service, or call our location nearest to you!

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with a geothermal heating system today. To find out if your Erlanger or Northern Kentucky home is a good candidate for geothermal heating, call our team today.