Erlanger and Northern Kentucky Heat Pump Services

Efficient heat pump services in Erlanger and Northern Kentucky.

Are you looking for an alternative way to heat your home that is efficient, environmentally-friendly, and affordable? For many Erlanger and Northern Kentucky, KY homeowners, a heat pump is a great option. These units come with many things modern homeowners are looking for when it comes to a heating system in their home.

Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in professional heat pump maintenance, installations, and repairs. Our trained and experienced technicians understand what homeowners need when it comes to operating a safe and efficient heat pump.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

While traditional heating systems that use an energy source to heat the air, a heat pump essentially transfers heat from one location to another. This is similar to the way an air conditioner works.

Unlike an air conditioner, a heat pump uses the outside temperature to affect change in your home temperature. Heat pumps can also use the ground temperature to do this, offering more options for homeowners. This system is also more efficient than traditional heating units because less energy is being used.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation

There are many reasons why a homeowner would choose to install a heat pump in their home. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • Saving money by using less energy. Many homeowners are able to cut their energy bills in half with a heat pump.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Less money spent on heat pump repair or heat pump replacement since the units are more reliable and do not break down as often.
  • Heat pumps work with alternative energy sources such as solar power.

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Why Choose Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning?

If our exceptional service and detail-oriented workmanship were not enough, we also include the following unique features and benefits that add value to your service:

  • We’re the Best: We have been named Northern Kentucky’s Best for two years running.
  • Experienced Specialists: Our technicians are extensively trained, experienced, and licensed.
  • Local: We are a family owned and operated local company.
  • Emergency Services: Rest easy knowing we are on-call 24/7 in the case of an emergency.
  • Same-Day Service: You won’t be waiting around for us because we offer fast, same-day service.

  • Upfront Pricing: Our transparent pricing structure will make sure you always know what to expect on your bill.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Labor: Not satisfied with our work? Let us know and we will make it right.
  • One-Year Warranty: We offer a one-year warranty on all repairs.

Whether you're looking for fast and reliable heat pump service or you'd like to learn more about installing a unit in your home, we can help. Call (859) 429-9169 for service in Erlanger and Northern Kentucky, KY today.