bills.jpgIs your house drafty in the winter or too hot in the summer? So you want to lower your utility bills, even with rising energy prices? An uncomfortable home is usually poorly sealed and the leaks waste energy and money. As a qualified Home Performance Contractor with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning utilizes a whole-house approach to improving home comfort and energy savings.

Our certified professionals will perform a comprehensive home energy audit and present you with a report that identifies where your house is wasting energy. This report, prepared by highly trained Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified professionals, will help you prioritize and decide which improvements are most important for your home.

By participating in a home energy audit from Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning, homeowners in Cincinnati have an opportunity to save money and improve the comfort of their homes. Our home energy audit (also known as an energy assessment) is a 3-5 hour thorough inspection of your homes air leaks, mechanical equipment performance and safety, insulation levels and air quality.

A leaky home can be an unhealthy home. Mold, mildew, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide can significantly affect a home’s indoor air quality. In our home energy audit, we will inspect your gas appliances to make certain fumes are not entering your home. We will also locate any air leaks in your basement, crawlspaces and attic that may be allowing undesirable air to be drawn into your home’s living spaces.

After your home energy audit, Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning will provide you with a report detailing what measure can be taken to reduce your utility bills, the cost of each improvement, and the return on home investment (through energy savings) for each measure. Typical recommended measures can include adding or replacing insulation, sealing air drafts, and upgrading to high efficiency furnaces. Your energy assessment report provides a roadmap for energy savings, starting with those measures that have the highest impact per dollar.

family-house.jpgWhen it is time to replace your heating and cooling system, Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning can recommend the energy efficient system that's right for your needs and budget. And, by improving your insulation and sealing air leaks, your heating and cooling system will perform even more efficiently.

By following our whole-house approach to energy savings, Cincinnati homeowners may qualify for incentives of up to 35% on all your home energy improvements, or financing for eligible homeowners up to $20,000 for qualified home improvements at 6.99% APR with approved credit. (Terms and conditions apply.) For more information, visit

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