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Ductless Systems Heating and cooling systems without the need for extensive ductwork. Mounted on the wall or in the ceiling, these are flexible, high-efficiency choices for homeowners looking for simple zoned comfort solutions.

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eating and cooling for a single zoneUp to five individual indoor zones
4MYW6 Cooling High Wall Ductless Indoor4MXW8 Heat Pump High Wall Ductless Indoor
4MXW6 Heat Pump High Wall Ductless Indoor4MXD8 Concealed Indoor
4MXW8 Heat Pump High Wall Ductless Indoor4MXC8 Cassette Indoor
4TYK6 Cooling Outdoor Ductless Outdoor4MXX8 Floor/Ceiling Indoor
4TXK6 Heat Pump Ductless Outdoor4MXF8 Console Indoor
4TXK8 Heat Pump Ductless Outdoor4TXM6 Heat Pump Ductless Outdoor