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1687tr_xc95m_gas_furnace The ultimate in comfort. All winter long, you depend on your furnace to meet the heating needs of your home and your family. That's why we build Trane gas furnaces,electric furnaces and oil furnaces to perform again and again, year after year. Beyond performance, we also provide you with options for energy-efficient operation. In fact, some of our furnaces operate at over 90% efficiency, which means that 90% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.

Take a look at the furnaces below and experience the Trane difference.

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XC CommunicatingXV Two-StageXL Two-Stage
Maximum comfort and energy efficiencyPremium warmthFlexible comfort
XT Single-Stage XR Single-Stage XB Single-Stage
Total warmth and comfortQuality heatingReliable Winter Warmth
Oil Furnace--
Durable and Convertible Heating--