What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying

I purchased my home in Feb. 2011 knowing that it had a 25 year old furnace. That summer during a 90 degree day my air conditioner stopped working, of course it had to be a Saturday. It cost me over $100 for them to come out and get me running again. They told me at that time that it probably wouldn’t last another summer. All last winter I would lie in bed and pray that the furnace would kick on and get me through the winter. This summer, I kept praying that it would make it through the summer, and thankfully it did, but I knew it was just a matter of time before I would need to replace the whole system.

Through the Home Energy Alliance Program, I found Arlinghaus Heating and Cooling. They came out and gave my home the audit and bid for a new system including new insulation for my attic.

Gary scheduled the guys on a Saturday so I wouldn’t have to take any time off work. They promptly arrived at 8:30am and were done by around 2:30pm. They were very professional, made sure my carpets were protected, explained what they were doing every step of the way. They also made sure everything was clean before they left.

Jack came about a week later to do the insulation. It took approximately two hours to blow that all in; he encouraged me to go up into the attic to check everything out. I did and he did a fabulous job.

He then performed a new audit and with the new insulation and new HVAC system and it came in at a 39% reduction of air flow and I should see a big difference in my energy bill!!!!! My home feels warmer and it is so much quieter as I can barely hear the new furnace working. Wow, I am one happy customer.

Everyone from Gary, Jack, the insulation guys to Linda in the office have been great and have made me feel like family. I will recommend them to everyone who is in need of a new HVAC system.


Nicky B.

I want to thank you for caring enough to give me those phone calls. I know that I have a much better system and am working with a company that really cares. This will be long remembered.

Thanks again,

Joyce R.

I can not thank you enough for helping me repair my furnace. As a single mom in a tough economy, your generosity was a true blessing! Thank you so much for keeping us warm!

May God be with you!


Thank you for a job well done. And for joining our family!


D. Conde

Mr. Houghton,

I just wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” for the wonderful work on our home humidifier. Your Dad does great work! The humidifier makes such a difference! Thanks for making my wife & I feel like royalty!

Tyson H.