Erlanger and Northern Kentucky UV Air Sanitizer Services

Effective Erlanger and Northern Kentucky UV air sanitizer services.

Are you worried about impurities in the air? Are your allergies acting up and you can’t figure out why? Homeowners in Erlanger and Northern Kentucky, KY who suffer from breathing problems or worry about bacteria in the air should consider using a UV air sanitizer in their home.

UV air sanitizers are effective at removing almost all the bacteria and allergens from your air resulting in improved indoor air quality and peace of mind knowing your air is safe. Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are your UV air sanitizer experts in the area, offering effective installations and repairs to these helpful home components.

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uv air sanitizer installation and repair services

How do UV Air Sanitizers Work?

UV air sanitizers connect to your home’s HVAC system. As long as the HVAC system is turned on, the air sanitizer will also be turned on. The unit uses strong UV-C light, which passes over particles floating through the air. Dust, allergens, bacteria, and other microscopic bacteria are neutralized in the UV light.

These units are safe and effective. They are proven to kill up to 99.9% of particles and impurities in your air as long as the HVAC system is running.

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Benefits of Using a UV Air Sanitizer

You never truly know what kind of particles are floating through the air in your home. Without knowing it, you could be exposing your family to impurities and illness-causing bacteria. A UV air sanitizer gets rid of this risk and ensures you air is pure and clean.

Allergy sufferers will also appreciate the fact that UV air sanitizers get rid of dander and dust, which helps ease allergy symptoms. You will also notice less dust in your home, which means fewer chores on a regular basis.

UV air sanitizers also fix problems we didn’t even know existed. For instance, think about your home while the AC is running. Chances are, you have all the doors and windows shut, so you are not exposed to outside impurities. However, each time you open the door to enter or exit your home, you are allowing impurities back inside. Additionally, every time you step down on a carpet, you can almost picture a microscopic cloud of dust and impurities rising out of the fibers into the air. Even keeping outside shoes by the door will let in impurities and bacteria into your air. A UV air sanitizer helps reduce the issues caused by all these factors.

Protect your family from dangerous impurities, allergens, and dust in the air with the help of a UV air sanitizer. For more information on these units in Erlanger and Northern Kentucky, KY, call (859) 429-9169 today.