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Residential HVAC Contractors in Gallatin County

If you’re running out of patience with your current heating or cooling systems, or you keep having the same problems with your home comfort over and over, the residential HVAC contractors at Arlinghaus are here to provide top-notch heating and air conditioning services to homeowners throughout Glencoe, Sparta, Warsaw, and the rest of Gallatin County! As the area’s leading HVAC company, we offer reliable solutions that restore HVAC systems to their former glory. From repairing a minor air conditioning leak to replacing an entire heating system, you can rely on our Happy House team to take care of all of your home comfort needs.

Call us for any of the following services throughout Gallatin County and the surrounding region:

Don’t worry if you encounter an issue outside of normal business hours. We’re available around the clock for emergency heating service or unexpected AC or plumbing repairs. Fill out a service request form today if you’d like to schedule a visit with one of our residential HVAC contractors, and contact our team if you need more information about our services.

Choose Gallatin County’s Top HVAC Company for a Safe & Cozy Home

Furnace freaking out? That’s no way to spend the holidays or the long winter months that follow. If your heater is clanking, banging, buzzing, or making other weird sounds, or it’s not producing enough warm air, it’s time to reach out to Arlinghaus right away. You can’t afford to put off heating problems — unless you like feeling cold all of the time!

After hibernating during the summer, even a well-maintained furnace will probably require some professional servicing in order to perform its best. Although remembering to schedule regular heating system maintenance will reduce the need for repairs and help to slash your energy bills, there will still be times when you need a certified contractor to pay you a visit. Your furnace, boiler, or heat pump works hard and is bound to show signs of wear and tear over time.

In some instances, repairs are insufficient, and a full system replacement is in the cards. If you need a new heater installed in your residential location, our HVAC contractors are on the case. We tend to recommend a new heater or furnace installation after 15-20 years, or if you are experiencing consistent problems and constantly paying for repairs. If your energy bills continue to climb, replacing your system could be the most cost-effective option!

The Arlinghaus team is happy to offer customers our expert advice when it comes to repairs or replacements, so that you can make an informed choice as to what fits your needs and your budget.

Stress-Free AC Repairs & Replacements with the Best Residential HVAC Contractors in the Business

In Gallatin County, discovering that your air conditioner has failed during the hot summer months is a complete shock to the system — and not in a good way! A broken AC unit pretty much leads the list of inconvenient and annoying things that could happen. Fortunately, it’s a problem that’s easily fixed when you know the right company to call.

Our experts will get to the root of the issue quickly so that we can provide you with the necessary air conditioning repairs. Whether you have broken evaporator coils, air filters filled with dirt, or issues with your air handler, we’ll identify and remedy the problem to get your AC system up and running before you spill another bead of sweat.

Additionally, when it’s time to upgrade your system, we can also provide you with replacement and installation services. After all, if your system is between 10-15 years old, it most likely has started to lose efficiency. Your best option might be to invest in an upgraded air conditioner at this point. You’ll save money on energy and repair bills down the road, not to mention increase your comfort level exponentially. It’s tempting for a homeowner to put off such a big investment. However, the truth, in many cases, is that a new AC installation will cost less overall than hanging on to the old system.

Contact our HVAC contractors to discuss your AC needs or schedule service.

Clean Indoor Air Makes Your House — and Your Family — Happy

Air pollution isn’t just something you have to worry about when you step outside. Believe it or not, you most likely breathe in more contaminants inside your home! There are so many toxic particles floating through indoor air, and even if you might not be able to see or feel them, they could be a serious health risk for your family.

How do you know if the air you’re breathing isn’t as clean and healthy as you’d like it to be? We suggest giving Arlinghaus’ Happy House team a call to book a home air quality inspection.

Our indoor air quality experts have the training and equipment to spot invisible pollutants, and they have vast knowledge of all of the possible solutions. Trust our team to improve your indoor air quality, and you can put your days of sniffling and sneezing behind you.

Our painstaking IAQ analysis and investigation will pinpoint the exact types of contaminants circulating through your home. Usually, these contaminants fit into one or a combination of the following three categories:

  • Allergens, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, or smoke.
  • Chemicals, such as pesticides, cleaning products, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), building materials, and more.
  • Bacteria, such as mold, germs, viruses, etc.

After we test your air, our IAQ team will recommend a variety of high-quality products that can help to improve your situation. We have access to a vast inventory of indoor air quality solutions — from whole-home air filtration systems with high-tech filters that catch the majority of air pollutants before they reach your lungs, to cutting-edge dehumidifiers that balance the moisture levels in your air and provide optimal breathing comfort.

When our contractors install this IAQ equipment directly into your HVAC system, you can stop worrying about your family’s exposure to potentially hazardous airborne bacteria. You’ll also enjoy other benefits, such as improved comfort, better HVAC efficiency, and lower energy bills. Isn’t it amazing what these little systems can do for an entire home?

If you want to breathe cleaner air in your home, all that you need to do is call our Happy House team and inquire about our indoor air quality services. We’ll take it from there!

Comprehensive Services for a Happy Plumbing System

There’s no doubt that the secret to a Happy House is a free-flowing plumbing system. Nothing in a home can run smoothly unless the water is running, the drains are draining, the water heater is producing ample heat, and so on and so forth. What happens when any of those components fail to meet your expectations? Life at home becomes a lot more difficult, and we can’t get comfortable — or get clean! In those frustrating situations, local homeowners know that they can call up Arlinghaus and get the best plumbing services around, without having to waste time worrying.

With the Happy House team taking care of your plumbing repairs, you can rest easy, confident that one of your essential home systems is being serviced by the best plumbers in the business. Our professional plumbing experts have the knowledge, experience, and industry-leading tools that they need to restore your plumbing system to its former glory. They’re also equipped with all the latest technology, so there’s no plumbing issue they can’t fix in a hurry.

Whether you have a stubborn leak, clogged drains, plummeting water pressure, messy sewage backups, or no hot water, we’re happy to do the dirty work, so that you don’t have to! If you’d like, we’ll walk you through some of our favorite plumbing maintenance tips, so that you can properly care for your system and avoid dealing with another plumbing disaster down the road.

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective plumbing installations in Glencoe, Sparta, Warsaw, and the overall Gallatin County area,  we’ve got that covered, too! Every plumbing system needs a few upgrades from time to time, and if components need to be replaced, letting the problem fester will cost more in the long run. That’s why we’re here! We can take care of any plumbing replacement project without causing you a bigger hassle or charging you too much. We don’t hide any surprise fees in our pricing or try to upsell you on unnecessary work. Our main concern is your comfort and satisfaction, and we’re confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with a perfectly functioning plumbing system, courtesy of Arlinghaus!

Don’t try to handle a plumbing emergency by yourself; put our years of training and experience to work for you today! Our emergency plumbers are available around the clock, so don’t hesitate to call us immediately if you find something amiss with your plumbing!

Clear Stubborn Clogs for Good With Our Drain Services

Do your drains seem to clog up every other day? Instead of sweating and straining with a plunger or wasting money on chemical drain cleaners, call Arlinghaus for professional drain cleaning service! Our team will make sure that your drains are clear, once and for all.

Our plumbing experts are armed with high-tech drain inspection video cameras, so that we can identify the source of the clog quickly, and hydro jetting equipment to blast the clog away and leave your drains sparkling clean. After we get down with your drain service, your plumbing system will work more smoothly than ever before!

In addition to your top-notch drain cleaning services, feel free to call us for:

Don’t forget that if you ever need emergency drain services in Gallatin County, we are available around the clock to take care of those unexpected plumbing disasters. Call us anytime!

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You and your family deserve to be comfortable in your home. Ensuring that you are is our #1 priority. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night, on a weekend, or a holiday, our residential HVAC contractors are ready to spring into action to take care of your heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, or plumbing problems. Simply give us a call and see just how happy your house can be!