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Your Happy House Starts with Pendleton County’s Best Residential HVAC Contractors and Plumbers

Arlinghaus is your go-to source for all things HVAC and plumbing. Our residential comfort consultants and plumbers are experts in their respective fields, and they’re happy to be of service! When you need a team of professionals to bring comfort to your home, we hope our company is your top choice! Here’s why:

  • We offer 24/7/365 emergency services.
  • Our HVAC contractors are highly-trained, certified, and qualified to handle all residential issues.
  • Your satisfaction is our number one priority!
  • You get peace of mind when the Best of NKY winners are handling your HVAC or plumbing system.
  • Quality services and affordable prices are a package deal with us!

If your home comfort is less than perfect, don’t hesitate to contact us! Learn more about our services here.

Kiss the Summer Heat and Humidity Goodbye with Arlinghaus’s Residential Air Conditioning Services

Are you suffering through a hot summer because your air conditioner isn’t performing up to your standards? Dealing with the heat and humidity of a Pendleton County summer can be too much to handle at times. Why not bask in the comfort of a cool home by scheduling an air conditioning service instead?

Our residential HVAC experts are available to visit your home and repair your current air conditioner at the drop of a hat! Whether your AC unit has started leaking or altogether failed on the hottest day of the year, an emergency situation requires a prompt response. That’s exactly what you get from us, no matter what type of service you need!

When you’re looking for trusted solutions to your air conditioning problems, one of our Arlinghaus contractors will be there to help! Contact us to learn more!

Pendleton County’s Leading Residential HVAC Contractors Are Here for You All Winter Long

When your furnace or heat pump leaves you wanting more, turn to the Arlinghaus team for expert heating services that are guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

We understand the frustrations of dealing with an old, busted heater better than anyone else. For one thing,  the winter temperatures in Pendleton County can get quite dangerous for your home, your plumbing system, and your health if you don’t have a heater constantly running. And for another, it can suck the holiday cheer right out of you! Luckily, our residential HVAC contractors can help you remedy a cold home with just one call! Take a look at everything we have to offer.

As one of the top HVAC companies in Bulter, Falmouth, and throughout Pendleton County, our team is trained and ready to handle all types of heating issues. Whether your furnace or heat pump is blowing lukewarm air, making rattling noises, giving off funny odors, or just doesn’t meet your heating needs, you only need to contact our best HVAC contractors to restore comfort to your home. We will be happy to perform necessary repairs, find you a suitable replacement, install a new system into your home, or even take a look at a minor issue that’s been troubling you.

Our heating services are designed to make your current HVAC system more efficient and powerful, so you can save money without turning down the thermostat. Reach out to an Arlinghaus contractor today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

Get the Best Plumbing Services from the Best Plumbing Company Today!

When your plumbing system flows smoothly, so does everything else in your home. The dishes get washed after dinner, the laundry gets done over the weekend, the garden gets watered as needed, and so much more. Modern plumbing is a necessity that we often take for granted…until it stops working when we need it the most! When your plumbing turns unreliable, you can count on the Arlinghaus team for a speedy and affordable solution!

Our professional plumbers are well-known in Pendleton County for providing homeowners with stress-free plumbing services. Although discovering that your home’s most crucial system isn’t working can be alarming, we can help ease your worries by quickly diagnosing the issue at hand, walking you through our repair process step-by-step, and having your plumbing patched up on our very first visit to your home!

Arlinghaus service trucks are always equipped with the latest tools and equipment, so we can easily handle any plumbing issue you encounter, from that stubborn clog that never seems to go away to the damaged water heater that’s left you shivering in the shower on more than one occasion. Whether you need a simple tune-up or a whole plumbing upgrade, we’re the guys and gals to call for all of your plumbing troubles. Learn more about our residential plumbing services right here!

Just consider Arlinghaus your one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs, from leak detection to drain replacement. We’re just one phone call away when you need a little help getting your plumbing to cooperate.

Stuck with a Stubborn Clog? We’ve Got Just the Thing!

You’ve tried plunging (every single day).

You’ve tried liquid drain cleaners (even the brand-name products).

You’ve tried DIY home remedies (found on the darkest corners of the internet).

And yet, that drain blockage hasn’t budged. Not even one bit!

At this point, you may be feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, to say the least. But there’s one thing you haven’t tried yet — a drain cleaning service from your local Happy House team!

We’re called the Happy House team for a reason. It’s because one simple drain service from us can help everything flow smoothly once again. Our team has access to state-of-the-art plumbing gear that makes our services not only quick, but also effective and affordable. The latest in sewer video camera technology helps our expert plumbers save time by quickly locating the blockage while the high-tech hydro jetting machine blasts the offending clog away and remains gentle on your plumbing system. A little drain maintenance for Arlinghaus is the best way to ensure your drains are functioning as intended, and it doesn’t take any time away from the rest of your day!

If what your plumbing needs is a drain repair or replacement instead, you can trust us to take care of that too! After so many years of serving as Pendleton County’s leading plumbing and HVAC company, we know drains like the backs of our hands. Using our trusty equipment and all of the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years, we’ll make your drain installation look like a piece of cake.

Contact us today for emergency drain services and more!

Breathe Clean Air All Day, Every Day with Arlinghaus Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Air pollution isn’t just an outdoor issue. In fact, it’s more prevalent in our homes than anywhere else! If you were to take a big, deep breath right now, you could be introducing tons of allergens and toxins into your body by simply inhaling. Of course, when airborne contaminants evade all senses, it’s hard to believe that your indoor air quality isn’t as good as you assumed it would be. There’s only one way to tell, and that is by scheduling a home air quality inspection as soon as possible.

A residential air quality inspection is the process by which our certified HVAC contractors test what pollutants are intruding into your home. Most indoor contaminants vary greatly from what one would consider traditional air pollution. There’s no black smog or vehicle emission. These allergens are everyday things we deal with.

  • Allergens: pollen, smoke, pet dander, dust mites, etc.
  • Airborne chemicals: cleaning products, building materials, formaldehydes, VOCs, pesticides, etc.
  • Infectious bacteria: viruses, flu germs, mold, etc.

They’re still harmful nonetheless, and eliminating as much indoor pollution as possible will bring you one step closer to having a happy and healthy home!

Once our HVAC contractors have analyzed your current indoor air quality, they can provide you with expert recommendations designed specifically for your needs. Not all homes that reside in Pendleton County have the same indoor air pollution problems, so Arlinghaus carries a wide range of innovative products to choose from. We recommend that everyone schedules a yearly duct cleaning; it’s as beneficial to your health as it is to your HVAC system. But at our company, you’ll find more than that. We also carry the latest whole-home air filtration systems, UV light technology, dehumidifiers, high-quality HVAC air filters, and more!

To get started, simply schedule an indoor air quality service with one of our top IAQ specialists. We can help you and your family breathe easily in no time at all!

Contact our Residential Plumbers and HVAC Contractors for a Little Help Around the House!

Nobody knows home safety and comfort like we do! We chose our profession in the HVAC industry because we wanted to serve people in the best way possible — by taking the stress off of your shoulders and bringing a little happiness into your home. All residents of Bulter, Falmouth, and the rest of Pendleton County know that service is our passion, and they trust us to take care of them in their time of need. We hope you do too! We’re eagerly waiting to hear from you!