Show Your HVAC a Little TLC

Show Your HVAC a Little TLC This Fall With summer winding down, one of the best ways to keep your house happy this fall is to schedule an annual tune-up for your furnace. Annual tune-ups not only help to keep your furnace operating effectively and efficiently, but they also help to keep your family safe.


Arlinghaus Supports St. Pius X Festival

Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating & Air Supports St. Pius X Festival   This year, Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating & Air served as a sponsor for the St. Pius X Summer Festival. As part of the sponsorship, Arlinghaus donated an HVAC system for the festival’s silent auction. As a result, $6,600 was raised to help provide support to


Arlinghaus is Growing!

Arlinghaus is Growing!   Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heating and Air has seen significant growth this year. In order to keep up with increased demand, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming several new team members to the Arlinghaus team: Peggy Casey joined Arlinghaus in January as Marketing Communications Manager. With more than 20 years of experience in



Top Signs of Air Duct Mold

Top Signs of Air Duct Mold Did you know that your indoor air quality could sometimes be as bad or worse than outdoor air quality? That’s because pollutants aren’t limited to the outdoors. If you have mold in your home, this can create a number of problems for your family’s health and well-being. Mold grows