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The Leading Residential HVAC Contractors in Grant County

If the systems you rely on to keep your home toasty warm in the winter and relaxingly cool in the summer aren’t performing up to par, or they’re constantly needing repairs and costing you money, the residential HVAC contractors at Arlinghaus are here to provide relief. Our comprehensive, stress-free heating and air conditioning services are available to homeowners throughout Corinth, Crittenden, Dry Ridge, Williamstown, and the surrounding Grant County region, and we’re known throughout the area as one of the most reliable HVAC companies in our entire industry. Our customers know they can trust our licensed contractors with their essential home comfort systems, and whatever problem they face, a solution is as simple as one call to Arlinghaus. We provide peace of mind along with our exceptional heating or cooling service. From replacing a filter to installing an entire system, our Happy House team does it all — with a smile!

We offer all of the following services throughout Grant County and the surrounding communities:

Find all of the information you need about our air conditioning and heating services here on our website, and if you have any questions or would like to book a visit with our incredible team of residential HVAC contractors, feel free to fill out an online service request form today.

Efficiency & Affordability: That’s Why We’re Grant County’s Top HVAC Company

Is your furnace burning through your budget and leaving you shivering? You deserve better! Don’t face another winter with a heating system that rattles, blows cool air or dusty air, leaves random cold spots throughout the house, and forces you to pour your paycheck into repairs. Instead, reach out to the Arlinghaus heating experts immediately so that we can get to the bottom of the problem and fix it before you waste any more time, energy, or money.

A long summer of hibernating can leave even relatively new furnaces in need of professional maintenance. Regular tune-ups are absolutely vital if you want to keep a heating system performing its best throughout its expected lifespan. However, even with a strong commitment to seasonal maintenance, there will most likely come a time when your furnace, boiler, or heat pump needs some extra TLC. In those cases, you need a professional HVAC contractor you can count on to perform thorough repair services in a timely manner.

When your heater is between 15 and 20 years old and causing repeated problems, it’s probably time to replace the system. Don’t worry! Our experienced residential contractors will ensure that you make a sound investment when you install your new HVAC system. When it comes to new equipment, we have access to all of the top brands and the most up-to-date technology, and we will walk you through all of your options so that you can make an informed choice. You’ll love the efficiency, longevity, comfort, and savings you get from your new system for decades to come; we guarantee it!

The HVAC experts at Arlinghaus care about your satisfaction above all else. When we make recommendations for fixing or replacing your system, you can trust that we have your best interests at heart. We’re here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations with every job we do. Don’t take our word for it, though; contact us today to schedule a visit from our heating technicians anywhere in Grant County, including Corinth, Crittenden, Dry Ridge, and Williamstown.

Comprehensive AC Services by the Best Residential HVAC Contractors Around

An unreliable air conditioner in the summertime can be a real source of misery for a homeowner. Coming home from a long day at work to a stuffy, hot house is the opposite of relaxing! You don’t have to subject yourself or your loved ones to all that inconvenience and frustration. If you live in Grant County or anywhere in the surrounding region, you can turn to Arlinghaus for a speedy resolution and a return to optimal comfort.

Our team has the right equipment and the experience to diagnose the source of your issue and identify the best way to address it. No matter what the problem might be, from a dirty air filter to a frozen evaporator coil to a worn-out compressor, we won’t make you wait around for relief. Our team will come up with the ideal solution and get right to work, not resting until the job is done.

When it’s time — after about 10-15 years — to invest in a new cooling system, we will take care of your installation, too. A brand new, highly-efficient system will cut down on your energy bills and increase your comfort, and making sure it’s installed properly will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs in the future. Count on our team to be there for you through every step of the process and to remain your go-to air conditioning company for life! We will provide all the necessary tune-ups and support down the road to keep your system running like new. Call our HVAC contractors to schedule an appointment or to discuss your needs today.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality, Create a Happy House!

You probably don’t realize it, but the air in your home is polluted! Don’t take that personally; it’s the same way in every house throughout the country. In fact, studies have shown that indoor air is up to five times more filled with contaminants than outdoor air!

What’s causing all of that pollution? Anything from dust to chemical-laden cleaners to pet dander to mold or mildew. You can’t see these tiny particles, but when you continue to breathe them in over time, your lungs and sinuses can certainly feel them. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, respiratory conditions, or headaches, all of these particles can really exacerbate their condition and cause them serious discomfort. Even if you don’t have a pre-existing condition, it’s certainly not the healthiest way to live.

We have some good news, though. With our help, you can eradicate that indoor air pollution and start breathing easier right away! Just reach out to the Happy House team at Arlinghaus and schedule a home air quality inspection. Our IAQ experts will assess the exact contents of your indoor air and help you find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

We have years of experience improving indoor air quality in homes throughout the region. Starting with a thorough investigation of your living space and an analysis of all of the present contaminants, we then make our expert recommendations for how best to fill your home with fresh, clean air. We will give you a detailed list of options — such as a whole-home air filtration system, a dehumidifier, or a HEPA filter for your HVAC system. Then, our contractors will walk you through every option so you can decide which one fits best within your budget.

We can’t wait until you experience the difference our Happy House IAQ solutions can make in your life and the lives of your loved ones. From better health to increased comfort to improved HVAC efficiency to reduced energy bills, the list of benefits just go on and on. We know that you’re getting excited, so to learn more, just place a quick call to the IAQ team at Arlinghaus. We can answer any questions you have about our indoor air quality services and schedule you for an air quality test and assessment today.

A Happy Plumbing System is a Phone Call Away!

Imagine a home without a fully functioning plumbing system. Not a very pleasant thought! If you don’t have to imagine the disaster that plumbing problems can cause, because you’re experiencing it right now, don’t hesitate to call our team to schedule plumbing services in Corinth, Crittenden, Dry Ridge, Williamstown, and throughout the rest of Grant County.

From expert plumbing repairs to fixing leaky pipes to quality plumbing installations for kitchen and bathroom renovations, to thorough drain cleaning services with professional hydro jetting equipment, we do it all. Even if there’s nothing obviously “wrong” with your plumbing system, you can call us for a preventative plumbing maintenance inspection to ensure it stays that way! And, if you ever find yourself needing help at a moment’s notice, our emergency plumbers are available around the clock.

Fixing, replacing, or maintaining your plumbing system does not have to be a hassle or cost a bundle. Arlinghaus promises prompt response times and upfront price estimates on all plumbing replacement, repair, or maintenance work, so you won’t have to sit around waiting — and you won’t get stuck with surprise fees in your final bill.

Drain Services to Rid Your Home of Stubborn Clogs

If your household chores involve a little too much plunging of backed-up toilets, or you’re pouring money down the drain along with all that expensive chemical cleaning solution, stop the madness and call Arlinghaus for drain cleaning service today.

Our team will get to the root of your persistent drain problems with a professional drain inspection, using a high-tech, waterproof camera. After we figure out where the clog is located and what is causing it, we can accurately diagnose your drainage issues and solve them for good. Once our drain service experts have taken a crack at those clogs, they won’t come back.

We provide more than just drain cleaning services in Grant County. Homeowners are also encouraged to contact us for:

It’s time to put down the plunger and the bottle of chemicals and get effective, affordable professional help with your drains. Call Arlinghaus to schedule service now.

The Top HVAC and Plumbing Company in Grant County is Ready to Serve You!

Among the many local HVAC companies, Grant County homeowners continue to choose Arlinghaus as their trusted residential HVAC and plumbing contractors. We’re honored to be this area’s go-to home comfort specialists, but we refuse to rest on our laurels. We’ll never stop striving to serve our customers better. If you’re in need of service to make your home a happier one, you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you why we’re the region’s best. Schedule your appointment today!