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Arlinghaus Difference

People don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care. Service is our passion.

Here’s just one example of our love for the people in our community. We were proud to lend a hand for this deserving family.

Dwayne and Rachel purchased their foreclosed Erlanger home over 2 years ago. They live there with their 10 children. Dwayne is permanently disabled, and last year, Rachel was unemployed for several months while caring for her newborn.

This past spring, the 25-year-old heat pump in their home malfunctioned and replacement parts were unavailable due to the age of the equipment. The family had no financial resources to replace the heat pump. The most immediate concern was the health of their 7-year-old son who had been hospitalized twice in recent months from severe asthma. Air conditioning would be a vital aid for his medical condition.

In order to keep the family together and healthy in their home, St. Vincent de Paul Council authorized the purchase and installation of a new heat pump. Arlinghaus partnered with the Butler Foundation and 2J Supply HVAC Distributors to install the new unit. Arlinghaus was able to provide the pump at a discounted rate due to their “in kind” contribution.

The hope was to keep the family intact and to help them continue to move permanently out of poverty, empowering them to make life changes and improve the quality of their lives. During that difficult time, St. Barbara Conference helped with food, clothing and utilities.

Rachel now has a job at DHL and her income covers the couple’s mortgage as well as other expenses.

Our difference.

We believe that one of life’s greatest gifts is the ability to celebrate one’s place in a thriving community, with family and friends, where everyone shares a common set of goals and dreams. We are fortunate to work and live in great communities throughout Kentucky, Cincinnati and Indiana, areas that have welcomed and embraced us over the years. We are happy to give back to those communities through a variety of initiatives, some very public, others totally private. We’re a people-first company.