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Expert Residential HVAC Contractors in Boone County Dedicated to Your Comfort

Residents of Burlington, Florence, Oakbrook, Union, Walton, and other areas of Boone County know better than anyone else that a reliable heating and cooling system are necessary to facilitate a comfortable indoor environment. After all, our climate can easily reach both extremes, with sizzling summer days and frigid winter temperatures. The only way to get relief from the outdoor weather is with a powerful furnace and air conditioning unit installed in your home. Who are you going to trust such a monumental task to? Only the best HVAC company around, that’s who! 

Arlinghaus has been dedicated to serving Boone County families for years! Nobody understands the importance of HVAC systems more than we do, which is why providing fast, efficient, and affordable services is one of our top goals! You’ll never have to worry about dealing with damage to your air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or boiler on your own. As long as we’re in town, we’ve got you covered! 

From emergency HVAC repairs to efficiency-improving installations, our services range from simple to complicated, giving you the perfect service provider option for all of your various heating and cooling services. Learn more about our top services here: 

Are you searching for a reliable HVAC company in Boone County? Arlinghaus is a trusted source for all things heating and cooling in the area. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable HVAC contractors has years of experience working in the plumbing industry. Combine that with how hard we work to provide you with exceptional residential services, and you’ll understand why local homeowners rely on us service after service. 

It doesn’t hurt that we’ve won Best of NYK as the top AC/Heating Company over the years. It just shows our customers that service truly is our passion. We have made a commitment to quality that we uphold each and every day!

Why settle for less than the best? Neither your family nor your HVAC system deserves that! Get quality heating and cooling services all year long with Arlinghaus. Give our residential HVAC contractors a call today to schedule your service. 

Choose Our Happy House Pros for Premium Plumbing Services

You depend on your plumbing system to function perfectly every day of the year! After all, it’s only through your plumbing that you’re able to take care of your household chores, cook an amazing meal, keep up with your personal maintenance, and keep home life running smoothly in general. A hiccup in your plumbing system is a hiccup in your routine. Luckily, one that we have no trouble fixing!

Arlinghaus isn’t just known as a top HVAC company. We’re also the area’s best plumbing specialists. When you need a stubborn leak repaired, or a hot water heater tank replaced, all you have to do is dial our number! An Arlinghaus plumber will quickly arrive at your house, with industry-leading plumbing tools and an encyclopedia of plumbing knowledge in tow. Learn more about our plumbing services below: 

Plumbing issues may seem innocuous at first, but don’t get fooled — they can turn into plumbing disasters in the blink of an eye! Don’t let them progress that far. Just call Arlinghaus to report a plumbing issue today! We’ll show up to take care of your plumbing at your earliest convenience. 

Keep Your Drains Sparkling Clean

Delivering fresh, clean water to every bathroom and kitchen in your home is just half the reason your plumbing system provides your family with the utmost convenience. The other half is that you never have to worry about dealing with the dirty aftermath on your own — that’s what drains were designed for! But you’ll only get exceptional service from your plumbing system if you keep up with drain maintenance and regular drain cleaning services. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle!

When your drains start backing up, gurgling water, or giving off funky odors, you know that it’s time to call your local Arlinghaus plumbers for an emergency drain service!

Throughout our years serving as Boone County’s trusted HVAC and plumbing company, we’ve never come across a drain issue that we can’t repair! Our plumbing experts don’t just uphold the industry standards — they exceed them. When you choose Arlinghaus for your drain repairs, our team will make sure your household drains and sewer pipes are in the best possible condition! How can we ensure this? By using the latest gadgets in the plumbing industry, we can easily check your plumbing pipes for internal damage and provide the necessary repairs. 

If what you need is a drain replacement instead, you don’t have to look too far for a hassle-free and worry-free service! Using all of the plumbing expertise we’ve acquired over the years, we can quickly diagnose the damage, remove the busted pipe, and get started on a new drain installation. Plus, we’ll make sure your home is cleaner than we found it by removing all of the debris and tidying up our workspace.

Get the best drain services in Florence, Union, Walton, Oakbrook, Burlington, or anywhere else in Boone County by scheduling an appointment with Arlinghaus today!

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution with Our Best IAQ Solutions

If you were to test your indoor air quality right now, do you know what you find? More contaminants (such as allergens, bacteria, airborne chemicals, toxins, and infectious particles) than you care to imagine! 

Most homeowners don’t believe there is anything wrong with the air they breathe every day. Yet, studies show that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air! That’s correct — up to FIVE times more polluted. It’s hard to imagine that this is happening in your home, at least until you order a home air quality inspection from Arlinghaus. 

As your Happy House team, it’s our duty to ensure that your home is a safe space for everyone in the family. There’s nothing more necessary than the air we breathe, so let’s get to work on making your indoor air quality clean and healthy!

The first step is to contact one of our top IAQ contractors for a home air quality testing. Using special testing kits and state-of-the-art monitoring systems, our team can quickly determine which allergens and bacteria are contaminating your home. This will help us develop a customized IAQ solution for you! Do you simply need HEPA filters to install into your HVAC system, or do you need a whole-home air filtration system to target a broad range of pollutants in every room in the building? Once we know exactly what invisible pollutants are floating around in your home, we can offer you the perfect solution at mind-blowing prices!

Plus, our residential contractors will be more than happy to install your new IAQ product into the existing HVAC system. Schedule your indoor air quality service with us today, and you won’t have to wait another minute to enjoy clean, fresh air in your home!

Get in Touch with Our Happy House Contractors for All of Your Residential HVAC and Plumbing Issues — Any Day, Any Time

Our team is dedicated to making sure your home is happy and efficient. This means recommending products and services that will save you time and money in the future. From effective repairs to comprehensive installations, we only recommend products and services that will truly benefit your home.

For example, if you are experiencing frequent breakdowns and rising energy bills, we won’t recommend another patchwork repair. In cases like this, a new installation is an investment that will quickly pay for itself in the form of savings on your energy bill and fewer repairs over time.

This type of critical thinking and personalized service options are the best way for homeowners in the area to get the right service for their own unique needs.

In addition to our attention-to-detail and exceptional craftsmanship, our customers also enjoy the following unique features and service benefits every time they call us:

  • Ranked as Northern Kentucky’s Best for two years running.
  • Licensed, local service specialists.
  • Family owned and operated.
  • Available 24/7 for emergency services.
  • Same-day service is also available.
  • Upfront pricing.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all labor.
  • One-year warranty on all repairs.

When you need a certified residential HVAC contractor or plumbing specialist, call Arlinghaus to get access to the best products on the market and highest quality specialty services!