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Residential HVAC Contractors in Butler County

If you’re frustrated with your current heating or cooling systems or are experiencing recurring problems, the residential HVAC contractors at Arlinghaus provide high-quality heating and air conditioning services to homeowners throughout Butler County! As one of the best HVAC companies in the area, we carry out trusted solutions that get your HVAC system running like new again. From fixing a quick air conditioning leak to carrying out a whole system replacement or installation, you can count on our Happy House team for all of your home comfort needs.

Learn more about our air conditioning and heating services, available in Beckett Ridge, College Corner, Fairfield, Hamilton, Jacksonburg, Middletown, Millville, Monroe, New Miami, Olde West Chester, Oxford, Ross, Seven Mile, Somerville, Trenton, Wetherington, and other parts of Butler County. Fill out an online service request form here to get in touch with one of our best residential HVAC contractors

Choose Butler County’s Top HVAC Company for Safe & Reliable Heating Services 

Furnace on the fritz? That’s no way to start off the winter holiday season! If your furnace is making unusual sounds, failing to produce warm air, or producing various hot and cold spots throughout your home, you should call an Arlinghaus expert at your earliest convenience to diagnose the situation.

After a long summer hiatus, even the best furnace systems may require a little professional servicing to function like the high-performance machines they are. Although a well-maintained heating system requires little repair and helps reduce your energy bills, there will be instances where you need a professional contractor to repair your furnace, boiler, or heat pump. 

In some cases, repairs are not enough to completely eliminate the problem at hand. You may need a new residential heater installed in your HVAC system. This is especially true if your heater or furnace is between 15-20 years old, or you are experiencing frequent repairs and rising energy bills. In fact, a replacement unit may be the most cost-effective option!

With Arlinghaus, you always receive expert recommendations for repair or replacement, and we only carry out the service that you approve based on your current needs and budget.

Your AC Replacement & Repair Made Hassle-Free by the Best Local Residential HVAC Contractors

In Butler County, finding out that your air conditioner is broken at any point during the summer may very well seem like it’s the end of the world! At the very least, it’s one of the most inconvenient and frustrating things to happen. Luckily, it’s something that can be fixed at a moment’s notice!

Our specialists quickly get to the source of the problem in order to provide you with comprehensive air conditioning repairs. From broken evaporator coils to dirty air filters and air handler problems, there’s no air conditioning issue we haven’t mastered!

Furthermore, when you’re ready to upgrade your system, we’re also available for replacement and installation services. Did you know that after about 10-15 years, your air conditioner starts to lose efficiency? At this point, we often recommend investing in a new air conditioner to save money on future repairs and rising energy bills. While many homeowners try to avoid or delay replacement, the reality is that a new air conditioner installation will most likely save you money in the long run.

Give our HVAC contractors a call to schedule your next AC service with us!

Affordable Indoor Air Quality Solutions for a Happy House

Air pollution isn’t just an outdoor concern. The levels of contaminants that we encounter outside can double, triple, or even quadruple indoors! It’s hard to imagine that our homes can carry so many toxic air particles, especially when we feel fine, but it’s true. The air you are breathing right now may not be as clean and healthy as you would like to imagine. The best way to find out what your indoor air is made up of is to schedule a home air quality inspection with the Happy House team!

Our indoor air quality specialists are experts in their industry, with years of experience helping local homeowners, such as yourself, choose the very best indoor air quality solutions for their homes. Through careful investigation and analysis, our team of experts can pinpoint exactly what type of contaminants are found swirling around in your home. There are three major categories of indoor air pollutants, of which you may have only one or a mix of all three:

  • Allergens: pollen, smoke, pet dander, dust mites, etc.
  • Airborne chemicals: cleaning products, building materials, formaldehydes, VOCs, pesticides, etc.
  • Infectious bacteria: viruses, flu germs, mold, etc.

After testing your indoor air, our team will offer you a list of product recommendations tailored specifically to your needs. We have a large inventory of high-quality indoor air quality solutions at our disposal, from brand-name dehumidifiers designed to achieve perfect humidity levels for your comfort to whole-home air filtration systems that can be adapted with UV light technology and high-quality filters to eliminate virtually ALL unwanted air pollutants. 

With these amazing devices installed directly into your existing HVAC system by our expert contractors, you’ll never have to worry if your family is being exposed to harmful airborne germs. In fact, you’ll enjoy additional benefits, such as better indoor comfort, increased HVAC efficiency, and decreased utility bills. It’s amazing what one little system can do for your whole home!

If you’re ready to experience clean air like never before, give our Happy House team a call and ask what our indoor air quality services can do for you!

Helping Homeowners Maintain a Happy Plumbing System

It’s no secret that the key to a Happy House is a happy plumbing system. After all, our plumbing is a big reason that everything functions so smoothly at home. So when it doesn’t meet and exceed you and your family’s expectations, home life can get frustrating to say the least. But don’t fret! Providing local homeowners with the leading plumbing services is just one of our specialties!

With the Arlinghaus team handling your plumbing repairs, you can sit back and relax, knowing that one of your most important home systems is in the hands of the best plumbers in all of Butler County! Our expert team has all of the skills and expertise necessary to restore your plumbing system back to full health. Equipped with industry-leading tools and technology, there’s no plumbing problem our professional plumbers can’t fix. 

From the most stubborn leaks and agitating low-water pressure to dangerously overflowing toilets and lack of hot water throughout your home, we’re proud to say that we can take care of it all! Better yet, we’ll teach you some professional plumbing maintenance tips, so you (hopefully) never find yourself with another plumbing disaster on your hands!

We also provide the most affordable plumbing installations found throughout Butler County! Even the most durable parts of your plumbing system will need to be replaced and upgraded sooner or later. When that time comes, just give us a call. Unlike other companies, we make sure your plumbing replacement is as hassle-free as it gets! There are no hidden fees, no unnecessary work projects, and no inconveniences left for you to deal with! Just a perfect plumbing system that you are 100% satisfied with. 

Remember, you never have to deal with a plumbing emergency on your own! As long as Arlinghaus is around, our emergency plumbers will be available to serve you. Contact us immediately if you suspect something is wrong with your plumbing!

Clear and Free-Flowing Drains Start with Our Drain Services

Has that relentless clog returned yet again? Instead of attacking your sink, toilet, or bathtub drain with a plunger, or, even worse, reaching for the liquid drain cleaner, give our team a call for a professional drain cleaning service

The Arlinghaus team will work quickly to ensure your drains are clear and free-flowing once again. Using the highest quality drain inspection cameras, we can quickly pinpoint the location of the clog, diagnose its cause, and safely flush it away with a hydro-jetter. By the time we’re finished with your drain service, your plumbing will run like there was never anything wrong to begin with. 

Although drain cleaning is the most popular service for Butler County homeowners, we can also take care of your: 

Plus, we also have emergency drain services available for all of the late-night plumbing disasters that happen with no warning!

Choose the Top HVAC and Plumbing Company for the Best Home Services in Butler County

Not all HVAC companies are created equal. At Arlinghaus, we always make you and your family are our top priority. That means we got your back whenever you need us, whether it’s a normal workday or a late-night holiday. Just give our residential HVAC contractors a ring and they’ll be right over to repair whatever heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, or plumbing issue you may be experiencing. We serve the following areas in Butler County: