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Does a Heat Pump Increase Home Value and Energy Savings?

Oh no — summer’s almost over! The end of summer often brings the anticipation (or dread) of winter and the heating that comes along with it.

As Kentucky begins the transition from summer to the cooler weather of fall and winter, you might be thinking about what kind of value and energy savings a heat pump would provide you and your home.

Heat pumps can be a great investment in terms of both home value and energy savings:

The Resale Value of a Home With a Heat Pump

In today’s real estate market, home buyers expect to find heating and cooling systems in every house they’re considering buying. In a study published in the journal Nature Energy, a heat pump can increase home value by $10,400 to $17,000. With that in mind, consider the benefits of replacing an old heat pump with a new heat pump.

The Benefits of a New Heat Pump

Including a heat pump in your home improvement projects can be incredibly worthwhile. For instance, a heat pump has the potential to pay for itself in five to ten years. New heat pumps are also low maintenance and can decrease your energy bills.

However, it’s also important to consider that older homes with outdated heat pumps could potentially hurt the value of your home.

You can add great value to your home by updating or replacing a heat pump with the help of an  Arlinghaus team member. If you’re considering selling your house, it’s important to consider home inspections. Replacing a heat pump can prevent issues that can arise during a home inspection.

Our Happy House team, the leading providers of plumbing and HVAC services in Independence, KY, and the surrounding area, can help you make the upgrade.

The uniqueness of a heat pump is also a factor to consider with real estate. In the current bustling housing market, standing out from the competition is crucial. If you have a heat pump while other homes in your area don’t, this will make you stand out to potential buyers.

If you’re afraid this means that heat pumps have short shelf lives, think again. Heat pumps can last for a long period of time! Most heat pumps have a lifespan ranging from 15 to 20 years.

Plus, there’s a variety of heat pumps to choose from:

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s a federal tax credit available for a geothermal heat pump. This credit is limited, running only until December 31, 2021.

The Value of Energy-Efficient Technologies

Not only can a heat pump increase the value of your home, but it’s also an investment that can make your home more energy-efficient.

Heat pumps serve a dual purpose, replacing both heating and cooling systems. Of course, keep in mind that, in the Kentucky climate, a heat pump is best used to supplement the power of your boiler or furnace and central air conditioning system.

Studies have shown that millennials and middle-class people are more likely to pay higher premiums for a home if it is energy-efficient. Additionally, millennials currently comprise the greatest percentage of homebuyers.

Overall, energy-efficient technologies can increase the resale value of your home.

How do I Install a Heat Pump?

This is where the pros at Arlinghaus come in. As a full-service company specializing in plumbing and HVAC in Lawrenceburg, KY, and the surrounding area, Arlinghaus can do it all! Reach out to a Happy House team member to increase the value of your house with a heat pump.

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