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Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance Worth It? — The Cost Benefits of Regular Tune-Ups

We’re all so busy nowadays that regular household upkeep can be difficult. Clearing roof gutters, spring cleaning, and checking HVAC filters are the type of tasks that easily fall into the”‘I’ll do that later” category. Unfortunately, later can become too late, and the lack of maintenance may end up costing you money. If your heating and cooling system hasn’t been checked for some time, contact Arlinghaus for your HVAC air conditioning service today!

How Regular HVAC Services Save You Money

Tempting as it can be to skip routine HVAC services, particularly if money is tight, they will save you money in the long run for several reasons.

1. Extending Equipment Life

Keeping your HVAC in tip-top condition avoids untimely breakdowns. Regularly inspecting, cleaning, and tuning up components heads off corrosion and parts failure. The double benefit of reducing future repair costs while time extending the life of your expensive heating and cooling systems is significant.

2. Saving Energy Costs

Regular HVAC tune-ups directly reduce energy costs. Regularly cleaning and replacing air filters, cleaning ducts, checking thermostat controls, and making sure motors run smoothly keeps equipment running at top efficiency. The result is a more energy-efficient air conditioner or furnace. Lower energy use results in lower energy bills.

3. Air Quality Benefits

You can’t put a price on good indoor air quality. Regular maintenance keeps mold, fungi, and bacteria from taking hold in your heating and cooling system. Healthy air quality in your home is an invaluable benefit for you and your family.

Keeping HVAC Maintenance Costs Down

Clogged and dirty air filters affect HVAC efficiency, raise energy costs, and put unnecessary strain on the overall system. A simple maintenance task that homeowners can do themselves to save money is to clean and replace air filters. Little technical expertise is required, and manufacturers generally recommend this be done at one-month intervals.

However, if this is a task you’re not comfortable attempting, all you need to do is book a maintenance service with a reputable HVAC company like Arlinghaus.

What Happens if You Skip Maintenance Services?

HVAC Tune-Up Plans

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