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“Replaced fuel oil burning furnace with an electric furnace”- Joan


Joan’s quest for a cleaner, more efficient heating solution led her to Arlinghaus Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Erlanger, KY. This is a story of trust, quality, and exceptional service.

Recognizing the Need

The Issue Faced

With an outdated fuel oil-burning furnace serving her for 28 years, Joan was battling deteriorated air quality and frequent discomfort in her home.

Goals and Objectives

Joan wanted to upgrade to a system that would purify the air and be cost-effective and efficient, making her home a true comfort zone.

Choosing Arlinghaus

The Search for a Service Provider

Arlinghaus came highly recommended from various sources, including Google and my friends. But what sealed the deal was their reputation in Erlanger, KY, for unparalleled HVAC services.

Arlinghaus’ Distinct Features

Their promise of top-notch service, combined with the expertise of their professionals, made Joan confident in her decision.

How did our team collaborate with you throughout the process? Were there any specific communication methods or tools that you found helpful?

Email and telephone were the forms of communication that [were] most beneficial for me. The in-person review of the current system I had explained you would not only put a new electric furnace/AC & heat pump in but would also install new ductwork. You would also remove all the old fuel oil burning furnace, old ductwork, AC & heat pump and haul it away. (I used this old system for 28 years). You did explain you do not remove the fuel tank, so I had to take care of that by getting someone who agreed to remove it for me. I found someone who agreed to remove the 275 gallon fuel tank from my basement for the amount of fuel left in it which we estimated to be about 160 gallons. Turned out to be 200 gallons in the tank but it was the only payment I had to give the man which was previously bought at $4.00 a gallon. It was well worth it to give the man the fuel oil in return for him removing the tank. My cost was basically $800 when calculating the fuel, but other estimates I got were in the thousands.”

The Transition

Steps and Methodology

Arlinghaus ensured that Joan was always in the loop, from dismantling the old furnace to installing the new electric one. Clear communication and precise execution made the entire process seamless. This helped build confidence in the unique approach, and all of the steps were laid out before beginning the new furnace installation

Surpassing Challenges

“I didn’t have any obstacles once you started the job of removing the old fuel oil furnace and installing the new electric furnace. I did find one obstacle after the job was completed. The vent in the living room was attached to the new duct but was completed separated from the flooring, so you sent technical back out to fix that and secure it. There were a couple of items identified by you when you completed the inspection of the completed installation that you had a technician come out and fix. That technician fixed those items but also went above and beyond by doing a complete inspection of all ductwork, putting tape where all ducts were seamed together, ensured all ducts at seams had the correct amount of screws, and he used silicone caulking to seal around humidifier and other ducts he identified. He did a great job to ensure I won’t have any problems with air seeping out of any holes.”

Expert Guidance 

“I did need to have a 7 ft tall 8 ft round evergreen bush removed to make room in my yard for the new AC. The old AC was only about 3-4 inches away from the house, and I needed at least 6 inches away from the house for the new AC to be placed. The new AC is much larger than the old AC I had. Your recommendation of the humidifier and the filtration system was very beneficial and adds to helping my house get cleaner air and not have any shocking episodes as me and my husband had experienced in the past. No more plugging in humidifiers throughout my house. This saves me electric and water and less risk of fire.”

The Results

Immediate Advantages

“The new electric furnace and AC have provided much cleaner air in my home. No more sneezing, coughing or getting shocked walking through the house. I have noticed that my house is not getting as dusty as it used to. We also sleep much better at night.”

Long-term Benefits

Joan realized she had fewer maintenance needs, reduced dust accumulation, and improved overall air quality over time.

What aspects of our service did you find most valuable or unique compared to other providers you’ve worked with?

“Every single one of your employees that came to my house was very professional, courteous, and took great care when entering my property. All were very knowledgeable and technical about the new equipment. They cleaned everything up when they were done working. On the day of installation, I appreciated that your company provided 3 technicians to remove the old and install all new. They worked great together as a team. Additionally, one of your other employees was in the neighborhood on that day, and he stopped in to check on the installation and he joined the others in putting in the new duct work. I truly appreciated that the work was completed in one day, and I was able to have AC on a very hot day. I was prepared to plug fans in if you could not get it all done in one day, but those were not needed.”

Would you recommend our services to others? If so, what would you say sets us apart?

“I would recommend your services to others and explain that your company and employees take their jobs very seriously, are knowledgeable and very technical, and dependable to get the job done and done right. The team of employees all work closely together. The products and services are Outstanding.”

How Joan prepped the area for Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning

“This was a big project for me, and preparation was key to get it completed without any obstacles. I moved everything from that side of the basement to make it all open for the technicians to be able to remove the old furnace and ductwork. I cleaned all spider webs I located, swept the floor, mopped the floor, painted the walls with primer that kills mold since I had some down there. This made it very easy for the technicians to work in a clean environment, gave them plenty of room to bring in the new equipment and ductwork, and have room to move around to install it all. The job went very smooth. The whole removal of the old furnace/AC/heat pump/ductwork and installation of all new was completed in 6 hours. I actually expected it to take the technicians 2 days but I was very appreciative that it was all done the same day, and I had AC that night.”

Final Thoughts

“Transitioning with Arlinghaus was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my home. Their commitment, efficiency, and professionalism ensured that I received nothing but the best. I would enthusiastically recommend Arlinghaus to anyone.”- Joan


Why did Joan decide to switch her furnace?

To improve air quality and efficiency while reducing costs.

How did Joan come across Arlinghaus Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning?

Through recommendations and their strong reputation in Erlanger, KY.

Were there any post-installation hitches?

A minor issue with the living room vent, which was swiftly fixed.

What positive changes did Joan experience post-transition?

Enhanced air quality, less frequent maintenance, and overall comfort.

Would Joan advocate for Arlinghaus services?

Absolutely, she found their services exemplary.


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