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Show Your Furnace Some Love with These 5 Maintenance Tips

February is one of our favorite months of the year — love is in the air, Valentine’s Day candy is plentiful, and of course, everything is pink (our favorite color!). As the winter months wear on, February is also the perfect time to show your furnace a little love by performing a few simple maintenance tasks that will help to keep its warmth hugging your home all season long.

Tip #1: Administer an “Eye Test”

Sometimes you can notice potential problems with your furnace just by giving it a quick visual inspection. Start by ensuring all parts of the system are securely fastened, especially the venting pipe and drainage tubes. Also, make a point to smell the unit’s gas flex; if your unit gives off a foul odor, it could be indicative of a gas leak.

Tip #2: Change your air filter

You would be surprised by how many common furnace problems can be avoided just by being diligent about changing the air filter. A good rule of thumb is 1 inch-wide filters are changed once a month, 2 inch-wide filters every two months, 3 inch-wide filters every three months, and 4 inch-wide filters every four to six months. We recommend changing and/or checking your filter once a month to make sure that it isn’t dirty or clogged, which can lead to numerous problems with performance and efficiency.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Drive Belts

If your unit features a belt-driven blower, don’t forget that the belts will occasionally need to be adjusted or replaced. Take a few moments to check the drive belt for damage, cracks, or frayed areas. If you suspect a new one is needed, a new belt can be installed by a professional, licensed HVAC service specialist — being proactive about purchasing one can save you a lot of money (and frustration!) in the long run.

Tip #4: Clean Up for Comfort

An easy way to ensure that your furnace is able to run efficiently is to clean the area around your system and air vents around the home regularly. Be careful about not cluttering up the space around the unit. Sweep or vacuum out dust and debris that has accumulated during the holiday months, and double-check to make sure that nothing is blocking the registers on the unit.

Tip #5: Call a Professional for Maintenance

Hiring a professional to thoroughly inspect your system and ensure it is running correctly can give you peace of mind that your furnace will continue operating efficiently and keep your family warm for the rest of the chilly winter months. In addition, regular check-ups can help you detect issues with your furnace before they become bigger problems that could leave you in the cold — and cost you big.

The HVAC experts at Arlinghaus would love to take a look at your system. Contact us today to show your furnace some love! Schedule a furnace tune-up and we’ll ensure your home continues to be a “happy house” for years to come!

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