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The Dangers of Frozen Pipes & How to Prevent Them

Winter is approaching, and many are rushing to prepare their homes for the bitterly cold weather. One area of winter preparedness that is often overlooked is making certain your plumbing is protected from freezing, saving your home from extensive water damage that requires costly emergency repairs.

There are several steps homeowners can take to mitigate the risks of frozen pipes. From sealing exterior cracks to wrapping pipes with insulation, most steps are inexpensive and won’t take a lot of time. Below are some tried and true measures you can take to stop your pipes from freezing:

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Open Cabinets in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Most kitchen and bathroom cabinets are located along exterior walls. This opens the possibility of pipes freezing from exposure to bitter outdoor temperatures. A simple method that can make a big difference is opening your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. It will allow warm room air to circulate within the cabinets and keep your pipes above freezing. Please note, if you have young children at home, move all hazardous chemicals and cleaning agents before leaving the doors open.

Keep Your Thermostat at a Consistent Temperature

Keeping your thermostat set to the same temperature during the day and the night doesn’t just increase your HVAC system’s efficiency — it also helps to prevent frozen pipes! When you turn your thermostat down during the nighttime hours, you are giving cold temperatures the opportunity to freeze your plumbing. Depending on your local climate conditions, temperatures normally drop below the freezing point at night during the winter months. Keep this in mind when trying to save money by turning down the heat. It might just cost you more in the long-run when a pipe bursts!

Let Your Faucets Trickle

During cold snaps where temperatures remain freezing for long periods of time, it is a good idea to slightly open the tap and let the water trickle. Moving water creates friction and, as a result, heat. By keeping your faucets dripping, you are increasing the water’s internal temperature within the pipes to prevent freezing. Should any pipe in your system freeze, this will also help to relieve the pressure caused by the blockage and, hopefully, prevent the pipe from bursting.

Long-Term Solutions

If you have had consistent issues with freezing pipes, you may want to consider the following as long-term solutions. 

Long-term solutions to prevent frozen pipes.By following these steps, you can add an extra level of protection for your plumbing during the winter season.

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