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Throwing the Ultimate March Madness Party? Prepare Your Home for Guests!

fans holding kentucky flag at basketball gameMarch Madness. The Big Dance. Call it whatever you want — our favorite sporting event is finally here!

As the NCAA basketball tournament starts heating up, you’re probably already thinking ahead to the big finale. Will your team progress through the brackets to make it to the final four? We hope so! 

In the meantime, if you’re planning to throw the ultimate March Madness party to celebrate, you should start preparing as soon as possible. Make sure your home is in order and not distracting from the big game by following these tips.

HVAC Maintenance

  • Change the Air Filters: New month, new air filter! Generally speaking, you should be replacing traditional pleated or fiberglass filters every 30 days to keep your indoor air quality healthy and generate the best performance from your HVAC system. You can afford to wait a few more months if you utilize a high-quality HEPA filter. 
  • Clean Your Ductwork: Do you know what’s lurking in the depths of your ductwork? We do. There’s lots of dust and debris that are continuously picked up by your HVAC system and circulated throughout your home. Give your ductwork a thorough cleaning as you start tackling spring cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  • Update the Thermostat Settings: The spring sunshine is already working its magic, and with the warm weather upon us, there’s no better time to update your thermostat settings. A Happy House specialist will be happy to assist you with this as part of your seasonal HVAC maintenance and tune-up.

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Schedule a Drain Cleaning: Don’t let a clogged drain ruin a good time. Schedule a drain cleaning today to remove any built-up sediment found in your drains and sewer lines.
  • Prepare Your Sump Pump: March signifies the beginning of a long and wet spring season here in Erlanger, KY, and the surrounding areas. Make sure your home can handle the full force of our infamous spring showers by preparing your sump pump ahead of time.
  • Service Your Water Heater: When is the last time you gave your water heater some TLC? It’s important to flush your water heater at least once a year — unless you like getting caught in an impromptu cold shower. 

This is a good starting point if you like taking a DIY-approach to home maintenance, but keep in mind that a professional HVAC and plumbing inspection is necessary for your systems’ health and longevity. 

Contact Arlinghaus to schedule heating or plumbing services in Erlanger, KY, and other nearby communities. We’re available around the clock to make sure your family is safe and comfortable at home. 

And remember — go Wildcats!

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