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A house with snow that reads, "How Long Do Furnaces Last?"

How Long Do Furnaces Last?

November 8, 2023 Happy House
When the cold weather arrives, we rely on our furnaces to keep us warm and cozy. However, like any equipment, they have a finite lifespan.
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A person snaking a drain that says "Snaking vs. Hydrojetting."

Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting: Which Option Is Right for You?

November 2, 2023 Happy House
Homeowners often face the dilemma of a clogged drain or sewer line. While this can be an inconvenient occurrence, the solutions at hand often lead to another dilemma: making the […]
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A woman with dry skin itching her arm.

How a Whole-Home Humidifier Works: Everything You Need to Know

October 3, 2023 Happy House
Have you ever stopped and wondered: How does a whole-home humidifier work? You’re not alone. Many homeowners want to understand the mechanisms behind this beneficial device, especially as we move […]
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A person putting their hand under a faucet to feel the temperature of the water.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

October 2, 2023 Happy House
The modern home is a symphony of conveniences, and one of the unsung heroes in this orchestra of comfort is the humble water heater. But have you ever wondered, “How […]
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A woman blowing her nose as she stands in front of a wall-mounted AC unit.

Can Your AC Make You Sick?

September 6, 2023 Happy House
The air conditioner, a remarkable invention, has made our lives cooler and more comfortable. But with these advantages comes an often unasked question: “Can your AC make you sick?” If […]
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A woman sitting on a windowsill and reading a book.

5 Heating System Safety and Efficiency Tips for Fall

September 5, 2023 Happy House
Fall is the transitional season that brings crisp, cool air. As the temperatures drop, it’s crucial to ensure your heating systems are up to the task of keeping you cozy […]
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Man sitting on the couch with a fan and an umbrella, touching his forehead in exasperation because AC is blowing warm air.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

August 18, 2023 Happy House
Air conditioners are modern marvels of comfort technology, enabling us to maintain our ideal environment at the touch of a button. However, when an issue arises, such as your air […]
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5 Arllinghaus team members giving a thumbs up while standing around air conditioning and furnace units in their warehouse.

We’ll Give You Up to $1,000 for Trading in Your Old Equipment to Arlinghaus University

August 1, 2023 Happy House
Are you a homeowner with an old, energy-guzzling water heater or heating and air conditioning system? Are you looking to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system while saving some money […]
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photo of flooded basement

Best Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding This Summer

July 21, 2023 Happy House
Summertime, often associated with beach trips and barbecues, can also bring with it unexpected weather patterns that lead to basement flooding. For many homeowners, a flooded basement is a nightmare […]
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