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Furnace Not Working? Try These Tips Before Calling the Pros.

Cold weather is finally settling in for the winter (Goodbye, 70 degree weather in November. We miss you already!), and you’re probably getting ready to turn your furnace on for the first time this season. Hopefully, you’ll flip the thermostat to Heat, and your home will be nice and cozy for you and your family in no time. Or maybe your furnace kicked on, but there is reduced airflow from the register. Or worse, maybe your furnace didn’t start at all. Should you call an HVAC specialist, or is this a minor issue you can fix yourself?
Calling in an HVAC specialist is always the safest bet, but no one wants to call in an expert if all they needed to do was replace the batteries in the thermostat. This furnace troubleshooting guide provides you with a few of the most common problems you should check to save money before calling your HVAC specialist.


If you’re worried about safety or simply want an experienced technician to troubleshoot your furnace problem for you, schedule an appointment with an Arlinghaus specialist — before the weather gets too much colder.

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