This Is Why We Serve!

“People don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care. Service is our passion.”

That’s our motto and we stand by it! We couldn’t be more proud to work, live and raise families in the areas we serve. Giving back to our community is just one of the ways we can say thanks for all the ways our customers have supported us from the very beginning. We proudly support local churches, schools, youth sports, and veterans’ organizations including Florence Freedom, FC Cincinnati, St. Barbara Church, St. Henry Catholic School, St. Pius X Parish, Special Olympics, Rally for the Cure, Troops to Trades, and more.

Dwayne and Rachel purchased their Erlanger home from foreclosure over 2 years ago. They live there with their 10 children. Dwayne is permanently disabled. Last year, Rachel was unemployed for several months while caring for her newborn. During that time, St. Barbara Conference helped with food, clothing and utilities. Rachel now has a job at DHL and her income covers the couples’ mortgage as well as other expenses.

This past spring, the 25 year old heat pump in their home malfunctioned and re- placement parts were unavailable due to the age of the equipment. The family had no financial resources to replace the heat pump. The most immediate concern was the health of their 7 year old son who had been hospitalized twice in recent months from severe asthma. Air conditioning would be vital for his medical condition.

In order to keep the family together and healthy in their home, St. Vincent de Paul Council reallocated the use of the SVdP National’s Systemic Change funding to support the purchase and installation of a new heat pump, with additional help from the Butler Foundation and Arlinghaus Heating & Air who partnered with 2J Supply Heating & Air to install the new heat pump. Arlinghaus was able to provide the pump at a discounted rate due to their “in kind” contribution. Dan Shields, General Manager for Arlinghaus, and his mother, Judy, members of St. Barbara, had heard about the family’s need through their involvement at church.

The purpose for the Systemic Change funding is not only to provide help for the family’s need, but also to keep the family intact and to help them continue to move permanently out of poverty, empowering them to make life changes and improve the quality of their lives.

When Rachel was told that SVDP had a solution for her family’s daunting situation, she exclaimed in shock and gratitude, “I just don’t know what to say!” Although she is a woman of few words, her appreciation and gratefulness were apparent.

Dennis Coyne and Pat Dressman were blessed to be present with the family in late May when the heat pump was delivered and installed. They were able to see the faces of Dwayne, Rachel and their children who now...

Believe in a Brighter Tomorrow.

Sharon Hatfield Lester

Why We Wear Pink

When Brian and Heather Arlinghaus made the bold decision to move into an 8,000 square foot building and paint it hot pink, it was for a reason. For Arlinghaus, the color pink represents compassion, top-notch customer service and truly helping people out in their time of need. An attitude of caring is a trait Brian Arlinghaus admired in his grandfather, "He always made people happy and brought them together. It's why I do what I do."

At Arlinghaus, Plumbing, Heating & Air, we’re passionate about serving our community. That includes top-notch customer service in your time of need. If you need emergency services, please call (859) 568-8094 to make your home an Arlinghaus Happy House.