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Don’t Let a Misdiagnosed Furnace Problem Cost You Thousands

Lately, we’ve been noticing an unfortunate trend: an increase in misdiagnoses of furnace and air conditioner problems. Many furnaces are being diagnosed as unrepairable due to a cracked heat exchanger when the problem is really something more benign.
Unfortunately, this misdiagnosis often results out of dishonesty rather than honest mistake. As a homeowner, it’s critical that you take steps to educate yourself on this issue before you find yourself agreeing to replace your entire heating system.


While a number of diagnoses can be incorrect or dishonest, a cracked heat exchanger can be a dangerous problem. It’s important to us that you have the information you need to protect your family. So, when a technician diagnoses your furnace with a cracked heat exchanger, it’s important that you seek a second or third opinion as soon as possible.

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