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Show Your HVAC a Little TLC

Show Your HVAC a Little TLC This Fall

With summer winding down, one of the best ways to keep your house happy this fall is to schedule an annual tune-up for your furnace. Annual tune-ups not only help to keep your furnace operating effectively and efficiently, but they also help to keep your family safe. According to the CDC, most carbon monoxide poisonings occur in the winter months, with leaky furnaces being the leading contributor to these incidents.

Being a little proactive about regular maintenance for your furnace can go a long way toward avoiding these issues and keeping your unit in good shape. With that in mind, here are five very important reasons you should schedule a fall tune-up for your furnace to provide it with the TLC it needs:

1. Avoid carbon monoxide leaks. When heat exchanges become cracked, gases like carbon monoxide can leak into your air supply and put your family in danger. In addition to installing a carbon monoxide detector in your house, performing maintenance on your furnace can help identify potential issues with your unit before they become a problem.

2. Increase energy efficiency. Dust and dirt can build up on the neglected parts of your furnace, forcing the unit to work harder to heat your house. During an annual tune-up, a technician will clean and maintain your furnace to ensure it works properly and is operating at maximum efficiency.

3. Keep it clean. Technicians conduct a thorough cleaning of the various parts of your furnace during a tune-up. They remove rust and dirt from burners, which can help ensure that gas doesn’t get trapped in these areas to create hot spots on your furnace’s heat exchanger. They also will clean out or replace your air filter, which can help improve the air quality in your house.

4. Prolong the life of your unit. Scheduling regular tune-ups for your furnace can help it avoid a costly breakdown. Our skilled technicians can help identify small problems that — if ignored — can lead to much larger, costly repairs.

5. Maintain your warranty. Many warranties from heating and air conditioning manufacturers require customers to perform regular maintenance in order to keep warranties valid. If your unit goes out, there is a chance that a manufacturer may require you to share maintenance records before covering the cost to repair your unit.

Much like a car, it is critical to be proactive about maintaining your furnace so that it can continue operating effectively. By showing your furnace a little TLC, you can ensure that it will continue to provide you and your family all the warmth you need in the chilly fall months and beyond.

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