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3 Tips to Ensure Your Home’s Plumbing is Ready for Winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful – but that doesn’t mean your home’s plumbing system has to be! The harsh cold of winter can be hard on plumbing. However, following a few simple precautions can help you avoid many common plumbing issues when the temperatures drop this winter.

#1 Protect Your Pipes

One of the most common plumbing issues the Arlinghaus experts see during the winter are cracked pipes. A primary cause of this is standing water that freezes inside of exposed pipes in your home. Using foam covers, spiral-wrap insulation or fiberglass insulation can help insulate pipes to prevent them from bursting.

Standing water or debris in your pipes can freeze, ultimately leading to a burst pipe. Having a professional come out to perform a drain cleaning before the cold months is a great way to help ensure you don’t have a headache on your hand for the holidays.

#2 Even if You’re Gone, Keep the Heat On

Many people travel for the holidays throughout the colder fall and winter months. While many people turn their heat off while traveling to save on energy bills, this is not a good idea.

First, your HVAC unit actually uses more energy to get your home heated back to a comfortable temperature once it’s been turned off for a few days than it does to keep it at a lower heat while you’re gone. Second, turning your heat off for a few days or even weeks can create cold enough temperatures in your home to cause your pipes to freeze. (For more tips to winterize your HVAC unit, click here).

#3 Check Outdoor Water Fixtures

When preparing your home’s plumbing system for winter, don’t forget outdoor fixtures. Be sure to remove hoses from outdoor faucets and shut off the water to them.

While the cold can cause some serious issues for homeowners, following these simple tips can ensure your home is safe and dry all winter long. The qualified professionals at Arlinghuas Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can assist you with all of your home winterization needs. Click here to contact us and schedule a plumbing appointment today.

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