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Arlinghaus Technicians Join Ernie and Tony of B-105’s “In and Around the House” to Answer Listeners’ Questions

Arlinghaus technicians, Ryan Houlehan, service manager, and Andy Caudill, plumbing manager, recently stopped by the B-105

studios to talk to Ernie and Tony of “In and Around the House.”

First, Ryan shared his expertise about common issues with HVAC units, including the need to monitor “relative” humidity in the home. Humidity is directly correlated with comfort and temperatures in the home. During winter, furnaces pump out dry hot air. However, if moisture is added to the air through a humidifier, temperatures increase slightly in the space – which means thermostats can be turned down leading to reduction in energy costs.

Dehumidifiers can also help improve indoor air quality in the warmer months by pulling moisture out of the air. They can take the damp musty smell out of the air (often referred to as “mold farts”) out of “moist” areas of the home, such as basements.

Andy shared info around common plumbing issues our journeymen plumbers experience in customers’ homes, which typically include backed-up sewers, water heaters that aren’t functioning properly, and odd smells in the basement. He also addressed the need to have water heaters flushed annually. If your water heater is 10 – 12 years old and has never been flushed, it’s very likely there are larger issues to worry about.

Finally, Andy took a call regarding a homeowner who was experiencing a loud “bang” when their water was being used. This phenomenon, also known as a water hammer, indicates that there is an issue with the water pressure in the home. Left unchecked, this can cause water heaters to fail.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems or any issues with the plumbing, heating or air conditioning in your home, call us to have a qualified technician out to inspect your home. You can also listen to the full segment (starting at 1:30) here.

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