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Why Choose HVAC Replacement Over Repair?

If we know that regular maintenance and repairs on your HVAC unit are usually a cost-saving measure, how do you know when it is time simply to replace the unit that you’ve got. You don’t want to sink money into repairs if you know that your unit is on its way out.

There are a number of signs to watch for. Most importantly, if you find yourself calling your Erlanger, KY repairman more and more often, you might be better off with a new HVAC installation. Also, if the repair bills are getting more expensive, and it looks like you might pay out 50 percent or more of what a new unit costs, it’s not a smart expense.
Here is what you need to know.

Is the Thermostat not Working?

“thermostat”If you find that your home is inconsistently heating or cooling, no matter what you set the thermostat too, that can be an indication that you should replace your HVAC.

Inconsistent temperature is usually an indicator that your HVAC is either too old to work effectively any more or that it isn’t the right size or power for your home. Either way, it is time to replace it. Also, if you find that your home is warmer in some rooms and cooler in others, that is a sign as well.

Air Filter Issues

As your HVAC ages, you will find that the indoor air quality in your home. The air filter and the ductwork tend to get dustier and ineffective. They actually end up pushing allergens; hair, dust, and pollen back out into your home.

You will know that this is happening if you see a lot more dust than usual, or if allergic symptoms get steadily worse when you are inside. Getting a whole new unit will take care of that problem.

Air Conditioning not Working

“airconditioner”The big one here is how old your air conditioner is. If you are thinking that it is more than 10-15 years since it is been replaced, that is an indicator right there. It’s time to replace the air conditioner.

Over the years, the various components in your air conditioner will break down until they are beyond repair. Also, there have been a number of advances in energy efficiency over the last several years, so replacing it means that you can save money on operating costs.

Also be wary if you hear loud noises or funky odors from your HVAC. Those can be signs that you are better off just getting a new one.

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