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Your Home Remodel Will be a Breeze when You Follow these 3 Tips

With a home remodel on the horizon, you’re likely considering all the ways in which your property can be improved. But it’s also important to consider the renovation process.

How will you keep the air clean during the renovation and how will you reduce the amount of pollution caused by the work being completed? In this latest post, our team will highlight three tips for ensuring a successful home remodeling process while keeping healthy air quality.

Focus on Keeping Day-to-Day Activities Running

PlanIt can be very frustrating when you can’t access certain parts of the home as a result of home renovation work. And so, you can take the time to plan for the day’s activities before the renovation work begins.

For example, you might create walking paths through the home. You might also consider how you’re going to keep the air temperature at the optimal level during the renovation.

Work with local HVAC companies to maintain air efficiency while keeping your home in the optimal condition for normal activities.

Another example, you might consider a high-efficiency heating solution for times when windows and doors are being removed, and the air is entering the home.

Seal the Remodeling Space

It’s important to take the time to reduce the contamination in the rest of the home during the remodeling process. Dust and other working byproducts can quickly find their way into all areas of the property, causing problems for all home residents.

To help protect against the spread of contaminants, it’s important to seal the working area and to ensure that the contaminants don’t make their way outside. Work with your renovation specialist to look at sealing options for the home.

Regularly Replace Air Filters

Air FiltersYour home air filters will be of immense importance during the renovation work. They can help to ensure that air is removed from the work site and that clean air is available throughout the home.

This means they will need to be replaced more often during challenging renovation work in the home. The process will also help limit the impact on your air conditioning and heating systems, and help you save money on energy.

In Erlanger, KY and the surrounding areas, homeowners need to keep the air flowing freely, and following the tips listed above will go a long way to ensuring you have clean air for your whole family.


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