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How Much Water Does a Whole Home Dehumidifier Collect?

You’re probably wondering how much water a whole home dehumidifier would collect. Ryan recently conducted an experiment to test his Arlinghaus Whole Home Dehumidifier, and the results were astounding. In just 4 hours, his dehumidifier collected 96 ounces of water and reduced the humidity in his home by 15%!

But how does this help you determine the effectiveness of your Whole Home Dehumidifier? Well, the amount of water a dehumidifier collects depends on various factors, including capacity, relative humidity levels, fan speed, and rate of moisture extraction. A Whole Home Dehumidifier, like Ryan’s, has a larger capacity than portable electric dehumidifiers and is designed to extract moisture from the air in an entire home.

In addition to reducing moisture, Whole Home Dehumidifiers also eliminate mold, dust, and pests like spiders, roaches, and silverfish by reducing the humidity levels in the air. This can also improve air conditioner efficiency, lower energy bills, and reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

If you’re experiencing high humidity levels in your home, a Whole Home Dehumidifier may be the solution you need. Contact Arlinghaus for a professional consultation and installation. We offer top-quality dehumidifiers that are designed to meet your home’s specific needs and provide optimal results.

In conclusion, Ryan’s experiment showed that a Whole Home Dehumidifier can collect a significant amount of water in just 4 hours. If you’re experiencing high humidity levels in your home, it’s time to invest in a Whole Home Dehumidifier for a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

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