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Do Liquid Drain Cleaners Really Work?

Dealing with a clogged drain can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and downright frustrating! When homeowners in Cincinnati and nearby areas get fed up with their clogged drains, they usually turn to liquid drains. But do they really work? Are they safe to use? We explore everything you need to know about liquid drain cleaners in this blog. 

What Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Made of?

There are two types of liquid drain cleaners: chemical cleaners and enzyme-based cleaners. 

Most of the liquid drain cleaning products you’ll find on the shelf at your local supermarket are chemical cleaners. These are the bottles that are advertised as “quick and powerful solutions for the worst clogs!” They may seem like the best thing since residential plumbing, but they are actually quite dangerous. The active ingredients in chemical cleaners range from hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid to lye and caustic soda. If you know anything about chemistry, you know that these components can be destructive if not handled properly. The bottom line is, chemical drains cleaners are not good to use. 

Enzyme-based cleaners, on the other hand, are a gentler option for your drains. They use enzymes, or bacteria, to break down the organic matters in the pipes. These drain cleaners will not damage your plumbing, not to the extent that chemical cleaners do, but they work slowly. If you have a stubborn clog, don’t expect enzyme-based cleaners to show you any results at all. 

Do Plumbers Recommend Using Liquid Drain Cleaners?

No, no, no!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a liquid drain cleaner, you probably have a sizable blockage that doesn’t let water drain well in your sink or bathtub. You’ll end up grabbing a chemical cleaner, so you can eliminate the clog quickly, as opposed to an enzyme-based cleaner, which is safer for your drain. What you don’t realize is that chemical cleaners cause more harm than good. 

Chemical cleaners are filled with strong acids and bases that destroy basically everything they touch, from the hair that’s clogging your drains to the material of the pipe itself. With enough exposure to these strong chemicals, your drains will corrode and start leaking. You already know how dangerous leaks are! Plus, chemical cleaners don’t effectively eliminate the whole clog. They just burn a hole big enough to let more water than usual pass through. In the end, the blockage is very much still present, though it’s not as big as before, and your drains are damaged. Why take that chance when you can hire the best professional plumbers in Northern, KY, as well as Ohio and Indiana at an incredible price?

If your clogged drain is out of control, skip the liquid drain cleaner and call one of our best emergency plumbers in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas for help! We’ll have your drains smooth and sparkling in no time at all.